Academic Challenge 

Multicultural Event    

Date:  Friday, May 29th, 2020

Time:  5pm-8:00pm

            Parade: 5:15pm
            Multicultural Parade participants - be sure to arrive by 4:55pm.  

Location:  Turtle Rock Elementary outdoor stage and lunch tables

Multicultural Night:

The Turtle Rock Multicultural Event is Turtle Rock's way of celebrating the beauty and culture of each country represented in the Turtle Rock Elementary Community.   On Friday, April 26th from 5:00-8:00 pm, our large outdoor stage and lunch area will be transformed into a Multicultural Festival including Country Tables, the Parade, Cultural Performances, Raffles, Potluck, and much more. Academic Challenge Multicultural Night project entries will be displayed throughout the night. 

Cultural Booths:  

Cultural booths are now forming.  Booths are only made possible if volunteers like you to join in the fun!  Volunteer at a booth, or grab a group of friends and start a booth to share your culture at the festival.  We have many experienced volunteers, who are happy to help you showcase at this wonderful Turtle Rock event.

In 2018, these countries had booths: Turkey, China, India, Iran, Egypt, Romania, Russia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Philippines, Japan, France, Korea.  We welcome any and countries to be represented at the event!

  •  If any country wants to set up a booth and share cultural artifacts, traditions, or games, please contact Saliha Boyraz, Multicultural Chairperson, through .  We can check if there is already formed booth for your country and you can join them.         
  • We have students representing many cultures at Turtle Rock, and we would love for those cultures to be represented at this event.  This is a great opportunity for students to learn about different heritages and customs.   Bring music, flags, maps, games, sports, souvenirs - anything that can proudly showcase your culture!  

World Food Sampling Potluck

We hope everyone attending will bring a dish from their own culture or any dish that they enjoy to share at their table. This is not mandatory. However, kids and parents would have chance to taste from your country kitchen!

If you don’t have your country table, but still want to share your dish, our volunteers will serve your sample dish for you by displaying your country name with your dish at the multicultural food table.

  • Please indicate the name of your dish, country of origin and ingredients used (due to students with food allergies). 

Multicultural Parade at 5:15 pm - on Main stage: 
Bring your cameras!!!   Wear a traditional outfit from your heritage or any culture of your choice!  Parade participants should plan to arrive by 4:55 pm on April 26th and meet in the Turtle Rock MPR to line up for the parade.    

Cultural Show from 5:30-6:30 pm - performances will be in front of the outside stage (ALL participants must arrive between 4:30pm-5pm):
The festival stage features 1 hour of non-stop entertainment by our own Turtle Rock students, teachers and community members.   Everyone is invited to showcase their heritage, or a heritage of interest, by performing a cultural act.   

  • Each country will be given 4 minutes to perform. You can have 4 minute group performance or individual performances allocated within those 4 minutes.  All performances should be well rehearsed.    
  • We will have only 10 group performances this year.  We will accept performances on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If we have less than 10 performances, we will consider additional individual performances and then second country performances before  March 27th, and let the performers know.
  • All performances should be well rehearsed.  Please arrange your performances and submit your entries and/or music for the performances to the Performance Coordinator, Nahid Chow ( as an MP3 or a disk by March 30th.  
  • If you would like to join a group performance, we can put you in touch with your Country coordinator to get your more information about your country's performance.  Please consider this option if you are a student who would like to perform with a culture of interest - this can be a culture of your heritage or one of interest to you.   
  • Performances will not count towards the multicultural portion of the Academic Challenge. You will need to complete the written project and display for Academic Challenge credit.  

Academic Challenge:  

Academic Challenge credit for Multicultural Eventl can be earned only as noted:

       •  Multicultural Event Display/written project - due in the office, by 2 pm on Friday, April 17th. No Exceptions!

          Documents needed to complete this project:  Writer Project and Writer Questionnaire

Important Academic Challenge Info:

  • You only need to do the multicultural night display (written project) for credit in the Academic Challenge.   
  • Participation in the Parade and/or Cultural Performance does not count for the Academic Challenge.
  • If you are doing the multicultural night display (written project), you are not required to attend the multicultural event. But we would love to have you attend!  
  • Multicultural Night Displays (written projects) will not be accepted after April 17th or at the event, because we need time to prepare them for display.  Sorry, no exceptions!

Please contact Sahila Boyraz (, Multicultural Event Chairperson, with Multicultural Booth questions and Andrada ( for questions related to event display for Academic Challenge.

Please contact Bianca Jimenez Nakasone at  for website problems. 


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