Rocket Science Tutors (RST) of Orange County

9th Annual Turtle Rock Elementary Model Rocket

Theory, Build and Launch!

Who can Participate? Grades 4-6

Sponsored by the Turtle Rock PTA

Register only at Feb 5th - Feb 21st, 2020.

The first 50 students to register will be accepted in this program. 

Click Here to Register and Pay $10 Online

We are looking for fifty 4th, 5th and 6th graders who want to participate in understanding, building and launching rockets. The activity is composed of 3 sessions and costs just $10, which includes one rocket kit and 2 motors.  The schedule is as follows:

  1. Feb 21, Friday (1 hour), MPR 2:30-3:30 pm: Rocket Theory.   The first session is rocket theory where students will see rocket videos and be exposed to basic math principles (trigonometry, algebra, etc.) and their application to the engineering of rockets.
    • First session is required for all first time rocketeers, returning rocketeers can be excused
    • Additional rocket kits and motors will be available for purchase.
  1. Mar 6, Friday (1.5 hours), MPR 2:30-4 pm: Rocket Build. The second session will be the model rocket build where students will construct a flyable model rocket from a kit. 
    • Due to field size limitations and permitting requirements, rockets must be of a specific size and powered with a specific motor, therefore, no other rockets or motors are allowed without approval
  1. Mar 20, Friday (2 hours), Room 29 2:30-4:30:  Rocket Launch. The third session will be where students will get the opportunity to launch the model rocket they built on the upper grade field at Turtle Rock.
    • All launches are permitted through the Orange County Fire Authority and carried out in accordance with the Model Rocket Safety Code, California Fire Code and the National Fire Prevention Association.
    • Be advised that, although conditions will be optimized for rocket recovery, the chance remains that your rocket may be lost or trapped in a tree due to unfavorable winds during recovery.

Those interested in participating must register and pay online by clicking the link above!

All sessions will convene after dismissal of school in the MPR.

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