Story Submissions due December 16, 2021

Imagination Machine is a company developed on the concept of fostering children's ideas before they start censoring themselves about what is "good" or "bad." Through the program, students see their own stories come to life on stage! 

PTA is excited to bring back these popular assemblies in person this school year! Four assemblies will take place on February 9, 2022. More information will be shared by your child’s teacher, but if you’d like to help them get started on their submission, below are some key guidelines:

  1. Each story submitted must be labeled with the student’s FULL name, grade level and teacher’s name. 
  2. Imagination Machine accepts as many stories per class as teachers can provide. We would rather have too many than too few. 
  3. Imagination Machine accepts stories from one or two sentences on up to, but NOT exceeding, TWO PAGES. 
  4. Please avoid using specific prompts. Variety, creativity & imagination are highly encouraged. 
  5. All submitted stories must be on paper no larger than 8 ½ x 11. 
  6. All grade levels are encouraged to participate. Please flag stories written by special education students. Stories may be written individually or by a class collaboration of two or more authors.

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