** While you do not need to be a member of the PTA to participate in the Academic Challenge,
your membership assists with the ability of volunteers to track and return entries to students,
as well as contact entrants and their parents about missing or errant submissions.**
ON OR BEFORE, FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018 by 2 pm. 
With 8+ months to complete the challenges, it would be unfair to accept incomplete or late submissions. 

The Turtle Rock PTA is pleased to continue the Academic Challenge – a voluntary, non-competitive program consisting of six academic activities/projects that run throughout the school year and administered solely by our wonderful PTA volunteers.   These challenges are designed to sharpen your academic skills, introduce you to new skill sets, and engage you in the Turtle Rock school community.  

AWARDS:   This is hard work, but it will feel great to be recognized with these cool rewards!  All of the medals and trophies will be awarded at an end of year assembly by Principal Stonebarger.   Ribbons will be awarded with the return of your entries.   

  1. For each challenge you complete, you will earn a Ribbon.
  2. If you complete 4 challenges, you will earn Ribbons and a Trophy.
  3. If you complete all 6 challenges (whew!), you will earn Ribbons, a Trophy, and the Principal's Challenge Medal. (Could you carry all of that home???)

CHALLENGES: please click on the link for more info on each challenge. 

The Six Challenges (da ta ta da!!!) are:

  • Eight Hours of Math  -not including homework or work done at school on Chromebooks or in the computer lab.  Deadline: APRIL 27, 2018 @ 2pm.
  • Five Book Reviews -not including homework, school book reports, or books read for class (no exceptions), but you can use the 20 minutes of daily required reading to read a book for the book reviews. Deadline: APRIL 27, 2018 @ 2pm.
  • Five Hours of Typing and/or Programming -not including computer practice done at school. Deadline: APRIL 27,  2018 @ 2pm.
  • Reflections Art Project - Deadline Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @2 pm.
  • Multicultural Festival Performance or Project - Written project deadline is Monday, April 16, 2018 by 2 pm in the MPR. Performances will be held during the Multicultural Festival on Friday, April 20, 2018. All performances must be approved by the multicultural committee. 
  • Astounding Inventions Project (Dec 14, 2017), T.A.S. Fair (Spring 2018; limited to grades 4-6), VEX Robotics League (Early 2018) or the Egg Drop Challenge (May 22, 2018 / Landers Due on April 27, 2018).
The school participation programs, including Reflections, the science projects, and the Multicultural Festival, are updated as soon as instructions become available from those chairs and/or teachers.  

Students can choose to complete any number of the challenges over the course of the year.   

***Your Final Submission Form must be turned in on or before Friday April 27, 2018 BY 2PM!***


  1. Adults in your life are welcome to encourage you, but make sure they allow you to do the work!   You can do everything on this list to the best of your abilities and it will be exactly what we are looking for!   You will feel very proud to take home prizes and know that you earned them!!
  2. All work must be done at the level of proficiency and effort expected for your grade level.   If you are going to take the time to do these challenges, recognize they are challenges and submit your best efforts.   
  3. Keep a copy of all the work you plan to turn in!  The work you do is important and we don't want something misplaced and you should keep proof of all of your hard work.  This is a good habit to have for any important paperwork! 
  4. Awards will be determined based on challenges meeting all rules and deadlines.    Reflections, the Multicultural Event, Astounding Inventions, T.A.S. Fair and the Egg Drop Challenge all have specific rules, deadlines, and submission requirements, as requested by the organization running that program.   Be sure to follow those rules, requirements, submission guidelines and deadlines!  Most of these projects should not be turned into the Academic Challenge box, so please be sure to follow submission directions.  
  5. Individual challenges (reading, math, typing/programming) must be turned in, on or before the final submission form deadline (April 27,  2018 at 2pm).
  6. Submissions can be emailed to, given to your teacher, or placed in the Academic Challenge box in the office.  Be sure to use the logs and book reviews/rubrics linked above. 
  7. A final submission form  (word version) must be turned in, on or before, the deadline (Friday, April 27th @ 2pm). 
  8. Late submissions will not be considered for awards.  Sorry, no exceptions! 


Please contact our wonderful Chairs, Rashmi Kulkarni and Dilber Mistry via their email   

Please contact Bianca Jimenez Nakasone through with Academic Challenge website issues.