The Book Review Challenge

5 Extra Book Reviews

Challenge Info:
In completing the book review challenge, you can read grade appropriate books of your choice.   You may use the school’s recommended 20 minutes of reading each day to complete this challenge.  The books read for this challenge are in addition to those you need to read and review for school.

What not to do:  You cannot use a book you are using for a school book report or being read in class.   You cannot submit a book report done for class (even if it was last year).   We will check with teachers.

Wait… what am I supposed to do if I am in Grades K-1?  You must complete 5 written book reviews at grade level.  No rubric is needed to accompany these book reviews.

Wait… what am I supposed to do if I am in Grades 2-6?  You must complete 5 book reviews; up to 2 book reviews can be Oral Book Interviews (OBI) with an adult, with the remaining as written.   An adult must complete a grading rubric that will be turned in with each of your written reports.  The OBI Rubric is the only form you will need to turn in for the OBI.   That means you will turn in the following:

  • 5 reviews, all as written book reviews, -or-
  • 4 written book reviews and 1 OBI, -or-
  • 3 written book reviews and 2 OBI, -and-
  • 5 grading rubrics (1 for each report you did) filled out by an adult (their homework, LOL!)

Book Review Forms:  Please choose the book review appropriate for your grade.      

Book Review Rubrics (Grades 2-6):  Use the Oral Book Interview (OBI) rubric to complete the OBI Evaluation (up to 2 allowed).   All written book reviews must be accompanied by an adult completed Written Book Review Rubric.

Five Star Books:  These books were recommended by students as great, five star plus++ books.   If you need a book idea, check out this list.   If you read a book you think is beyond five stars and amazing, please check that box on your book report form.

How to do this challenge:

Step 1:  Download the grade appropriate Book Review or OBI Form from above.

Step 2:  Read your book.

Step 3:  Either complete a written book review or fill out and prepare to answer questions for an OBI Interview.

Step 4:  Correct your written book review for spelling and grammatical errors.   For the OBI - ask an adult to give you an OBI (oral book interview).

Step 5:  Now it is time for adult homework!!  Ask an adult to use a rubric and go over your written review or OBI with you.   

Step 6:  Make sure your adult has filled out the Appropriate Book Review Rubric.

Step 7:  Attach the Rubric to your book review or OBI form.

Step 8:  Do steps 1-7 five times total.   Once you have read and completed all 5 book reviews, you are done!

Step 9:  Make a copy of your book reviews, OBI forms and the rubrics and keep them safe.

Step 10:  Mark the Book Review Challenge complete on your Final Submission Form.  Turn in the final submission form the final deadline.

Step 11:  Please submit all of your book reviews and attached rubrics at the same time.  Submit your Book Reviews through 1 of the following 3 ways:

  1. Email it to AcademicChallenge (at)
  2. Give it to your teacher, who will forward it to the Academic Challenge box in the office.
  3. Place it in the Academic Challenge box in the office.


Please contact AcademicChallenge (at)