Boys & Girls Teams
Open to 4th-6th Grade Students
The Harvest Cup is a soccer tournament for schools in Irvine to be held at soccer fields throughout Irvine.   Parent volunteers will determine whether a girls and/or boys team will be formed at Turtle Rock.  If you are interested in volunteering to coach a team, please contact the Family Events VP through FamilyEventsVP@pta.rocks.
There is a $25 per player fee for participation once selected for the team. 
How to play on the Turtle Rock Harvest Cup Team:
1.  Register for the Team (see links below)
2.  Try-out for the Team
3.  If selected for the team, pay $25 fee and bring copy of signed waiver form to your coach. 


2017 Harvest Cup Girls Team

Tournament: October 20th- 22nd, Irvine.

Registration:  September 11-September 22 - limited to 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.
Try-outs: September 22nd from 2:30 - 4 pm on Turtle Rock Upper Grade Fields. 
Gear:  Try-outs with regular soccer practice gear: cleats, shin guards, sunscreen, water, and (preferably) a ball.
Questions/Problems: If you would like to participate, but have a conflict with the tryout time, please send email to elmerhung(at)gmail.com before the day of the tryout.  

Harvest Cup Girls Team Registration


2017 Harvest Cup Boys Team
Boys Team needs a Coach.  

No Registration available until someone volunteers to coach the team.

Harvest Cup Boys
Team Registration