Sponsored by the Turtle Rock PTA
Date TBA for Spring 2019
Upper Grade Sports Courts


(For Academic Challenge - landers due on April 26th in MPR

7.30-8am or 1.30-2.30pm)

All others can bring their landers on Date of Event.  


Learn about energy, motion and the real consequences of design engineering – then watch to see whether each falling egg will survive or... SPLAT!!

Objective:  The goal of this competition is to construct a lander that will prevent an egg from breaking, when dropped by a firefighter from a 60-foot ladder.

How the competition works:   

  1. THE PTA WILL PROVIDE THE EGGS!! Do not bring an egg (of any type) to school or in your lander!
  2. All landers must be made at home prior to the event.
  3. Bring your unsealed, egglesslanding device to the Upper Grade Sports Courts on May 22nd, between 7:30 and 7:50 am.  Landers will prepped for launch with a raw egg, provided by the PTA.   
  4. The Irvine Fire Department will begin dropping landers at 10:15 am.   

List of Approved Materials:   You do NOT have to use all of the materials, but you may use ONLY the materials from this list.
    • EITHER:   4 Paper- 5 oz Dixie Cups (make sure they are 5 oz!) – OR – 3 toilet paper rolls (NO toilet paper on them!)  You may not use both – may not mix cups and toilet paper rolls!  One or the other, but NOT both!

    • 10 regular straws (straight or bendy) – not coffee straws, stir sticks, McDonald’s giant drinking straws, etc. Just plain ol’ straws!

    • 25 wooden toothpicks – pointy or flat tipped or rounded are all fine.

    • 25 popsicle sticks – any color or size is fine.

    • 10 cotton balls – you MAY “fluff”

    • 1 sandwich bag – (NOT gallon/quart/snack/etc!  Just sandwich size!!)

    • 3 feet of string/yarn – you MAY cut up into smaller lengths

    • 20 inches of masking or scotch tape no wider than 1 inch – (No duct tape/mailing tape/wider width, etc).  Be careful – please cut off 20 inches and work only with that strip of tape.

    • 6 rubber bands – color, size, etc. up to you.

    • 10 paper clips (no size specifications, but no binder clips). – you MAY change the shape

    • Glue (Elmer’s, Gorilla glue, hot glue, super glue) – NO construction adhesive.  


  1. Students may work individually or in teams of 2.
  1. Each entry MUST have a neatly printed or typed 3x5 card which contains:
  • Student Name(s),
  • Grade,
  • Teacher,
  • Brief description of the design – for use if this card and lander lose each other.
  • Loading instructions, if needed.
  1. Your lander must have an easily accessible location for the judge to place the egg. Judges will not be adding tape to close the landers, so budget your above materials to allow for the egg containment prior to the drop.
  2. Your lander must be in free fall during the drop. No bungee cords, tethers or parachutes.
  3. Landers should be made by the student with minimalassistance! Test your own ideas!!
  4. All landers (and all parts making up a lander) will be discarded after the drop! Assume you will permanently part with your lander at drop-off, so take lots of pictures at home.  If everything works perfectly (no rain, splatter, broken pieces, etc), we hope to show off the working landers after the contest.  However, plan in advance that all parts of your lander will be discarded.
  5. Failure to follow design guidelines or the list of approved materials will result in disqualification, and those landers will not be dropped.
  6. It is up to the judges’ discretion as to whether the guidelines were followed or the entry is dangerous.


  • A damaged egg is defined as one with a visible crack or worse. Hairline cracks are not considered damaged eggs.


  1. All students will receive an “eggcellent” or “splat” sticker immediately following their lander’s drop.
  2. Strong feeling of accomplishment accompanied by cheering.
  3. Possible “show off” of surviving landers – remember to plan on all landers being discarded!


For any questions on Egg drop Challenge contact Kaai Kim at speedybunny27@gmail.com


For questions on Academic Challenge contact Jeannie deFlaviis at AcademicChallenge@pta.rocks 




To qualify for Academic Challenge please submit your landers on April 26th in MPR between 7:30am-8:00am OR 1:30pm -2:30pm. We will check and note down the names of the students who have submitted the landers and return the landers back to you immediately. Students who do not want to participate in Academic challenge can bring the landers on the day of the egg drop challenge.


We will need adult volunteers to help load the landers the morning of Date TBA @ 8 am.   Please come and help if you are available.