Art Masters Program


The Turtle Rock PTA sponsored Art Masters Program offers sequential study in visual arts designed to complement history, social studies, and language arts frameworks. Each year, six artists and/or artistic styles are selected for study in units that include:

Lecture-slide assemblies:
A lecture and presentation assembly, delivered by an artist, where students are introduced to each art master or culture through a combination of stories, visual aids, and slides at grade-level settings
Student practice pages:
Student practice pages to combine the study of an art element related to the master artist’s style or technique with the practice of skills necessary for success in the art activity

In-class studio art activities:
A volunteer led, one hour classroom art activity planned to relate the master artist by technique, style, and medium.

Volunteers are very important to the success of the program. We ask for at least 2 volunteers per class, but more are always welcome. Each classroom lesson is only 1 hour long!  Prior to each classroom lesson, you will get to attend a 1 hour training session led by an Art Master's professional instructor.  Not only will have fun and meet other parents, but you will get to see your child create art.  Parents, please contact your child's teacher to sign up to volunteer for Art Masters.  
Questions?  Contact our Turtle Rock Art Masters Volunteer Chair, Michelle Chavira, through
Art Masters Volunteer Workshops:  8:30-9:30 am in the MPR
September 20
November 3
December 1
March 7
April 18
May 16

 2017-2018 Schedule:

Art Master students will be introduced to the art of
Ancient Americas. Students will view slides of mysterious
artifacts and monuments, like the “Feathered Serpent Pyramid,” and listened to authentic Maya music. Students will learn how art created long ago tells about past
civilizations and thus provides a point of contact between people living now and those who lived thousands of years ago. Inspired by the art of our ancestors, students will then create their own icons using colors and patterns found in the art of the Aztecs, Mayas and Incas.

Art Master students will be introduced to Native American history through the art of Jerome Tiger. Is beautiful paintings tell little know stories of Native American life. Contemporary Native American artists will also be introduced through the work of R.C. Gorman, whose style inspired drawings in pastel and colored pencil.


Art Master students will be acquainted with contemporary American realism through the art of Joseph Raffael. Students will view slides of his beautiful watercolors and will be inspired to create their own multimedia works of art based on forms favored by Raffael. The students will be working with water-soluble colored pencils, which will further enhance their experience.


Art Master students will experience African American art through the eyes of contemporary American artist Lois Mallou Jones. Her art, inspired by ancient African images, creates the opportunity for students to interpret ancient as well as modern African motifs, which will then be put to use in their own cut paper and monoprint works.


Art Master students will learn about POP art in America as they view slides of the famous contemporary artist Roy Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein’s work will also serve as a review of the many styles and artists studied in the program. His brilliant and graphic designs and colors will inspire the most creative work yet from the students!!




Art Master students will be introduced to perspective through the work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. After viewing slides that will take the students on a tour inside and outside of his most famous buildings, and after viewing drawings of some his most incredible accomplishments, the students will be ready to create their own drawings in perspective.